MS Balmoral Cruise Ship Recreates Titanic’s Maiden Voyage

On April 8, the beautiful MS Balmoral cruise ship has started a very special journey on the Atlantic. With 1,309 passengers on board, the vessel is actually following the same path that the Titanic sailed on back in 1912. The commemorative voyage takes place exactly 100 years after the tragic sinking of the huge passenger liner, and it is planned to last for 12 days.

Among the passengers of the MS Balmoral, some are family members of the ones who were part of the actual tragedy. The tickets cost between $4,445 and $9,250, and they offered all passengers the chance to experience a memorable journey to the past: the interiors are faithful replicas of the original ones, found on the Titanic. Obviously, this was an opportunity that many researchers of the vessel’s short history could not miss.

People from 28 different countries have joined together in this very special commemoration of Titanic’s maiden voyage, and two memorial services have been held on board during April 14 and 15 (the days of the devastating event), as tributes to those who lost their lives in the accident that took place exactly one decade ago.

MS Balmoral Cruise Ship Recreates Titanic’s Maiden Voyage

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