Moto Di Ferro’s Amazing Scrambler Motorcycle

Sometimes, companies that don’t necessarily enjoy a great amount of popularity manage to bring forth a product that can very well compete with the best of the best. Such is the case with Moto Di Ferro’s Scrambler Motorcycle – a masterpiece of great aesthetics and overwhelming performance.

Even though it was originally “nothing more” than a Kawasaki W800, the Scrambler went through a metamorphosis that resulted in a sturdy and powerful all-road 2-wheeler. This vehicle is ready to tackle even the most unwelcoming terrain and emerge victorious, all thanks to a set of high-end off-road tires and a highly reliable suspension system.

Visually speaking, the Scrambler flaunts new handlebars as well as a magnificent dark grey paint job that contrasts beautifully with a custom-made brown leather seat. Have a look at the following images and admire this fantastic ride for yourself!





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