Most Expensive Penthouse in NYC Might Sell for $120M

Even though this stunning luxury triplex failed to sale when it was listed for $21.5 million, its sellers believe that $120 million is not too much to ask for it now. The extortionately high price makes the penthouse the most expensive one in New York. Or it could make it that, if the property will appear onto the market with this price. Right now the triplex is not yet officially listed.

Situated at the top of the beautiful Pierre Hotel building in NYC, the apartment boasts 12,000 square feet of plush spaces, including a huge ballroom. It offers wonderful views of Central Park and four spacious terraces from where to admire the surroundings. The exquisite property was once owned by market expert and stock investor Martin Zweig, the man who famously predicted the 1987 stock market crash.

The man passed away last month at 70 years of age, leaving behind this amazing residence that he had purchased for only $21.5 million in 1999. Other celebrities that used to live the good life at the hotel include Yves Saint-Laurent and Elizabeth Taylor, both famous for their taste for fashion and exquisiteness.