Morgan 3 Wheeler May Evolve in a Whole New Line

What do you do when all your expectations are surpassed? You get extremely happy, and if you are a good entrepreneur you start adapting to the new state of things and adjust your business accordingly. This is exactly what Morgan plans to do after the unbelievable success of the 3 Wheeler.

The small vintage vehicle has been selling like hotcakes registering far more sales than all other models. While the Plus 4, the Roadster, the 4/4, the Aero and the Plus 8 have found plenty of interested customers as well, the trike will be going beyond the 600 unit threshold this year, which far exceeds the automaker’s expectations.

The model has been attracting a younger demographic, which is another excellent thing for the company. Seeing how the 3 Wheeler is gaining a lot of popularity, Morgan has started making plans to create some variations on the model and maybe even develop a separate line based on it.

Different body styles, new engine variants, and a new chassis are all interesting ideas that the British boutique brand is considering. So what changes would you like to see in the 3 Wheeler?

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