Montegrappa Celebrates Elvis Presley with Luxe Fountain Pens

Designed by an Italian luxury writing instruments manufacturer in honor of an American music icon, the new Montegrappa Icons Tribute to Elvis Presley Fountain Pens are beautiful symbols of greatness and everlasting fame. The new series marks various important stages in the King’s career from 1954 until 1977.

There are four different models, each one symbolizing one career stage in a carefully chosen and very representative color. First is the Elvis PresleyAqua & silver LE fountain penmodel ($2,860), which stands for the early 1950s, and whose bright color evokes the Million Dollar Quartet of Jerry Lee Lewis, Carl Perkins, Jonny Cash and Elvis himself.

Towards the end of that decade, the King joined the US Army, which explains the color and design of the second pen model in the collection. Evoking his uniform and rank, the Elvis Presley Green & vermeil LE fountain pen ($3,380) would be an excellent gift for a sergeant.

Third in the collection is the Elvis Presley Black & silver LE fountain pen ($3,050), and it represents the star’s comeback, when he appeared in a classy all-black leather outfit.

Finally, the Elvis Presley White & vermeilLE fountain pen ($3,900) is clearly a symbol of the famous “Aloha from Hawaii” broadcast, the satellite transmission which was watched live by almost a billion viewers.  All models will also receive extra luxe gold versions, all in limited numbers.

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