Monster Unveils Diamond Tears Sally Sohn Edition Headphones

Monster has teamed up with Korean designer Sally Sohn to create a new model of high-end headphones for luxury addicts. Dubbed Diamond Tears Sally Sohn Edition, the luxe headphones will soon be available at Harrods, flaunting a prohibitive price of £20,000 ($30,000). Obviously, the sum must be justified with the use of some truly special materials and decorations.

More exactly, they boast 18k gold and black diamonds weighing 5.56 carats. Each pair takes over 100 hours of careful hand manufacturing for a flawless final result. Of course, there is more than looks to this creation, as it sports excellent sound quality as well. The headphones come with the Pure Monster Sound technology that ensures excellent lifelike musical experiences to the wearers.

As Monster puts it, the Diamond Tears Sally Sohn Edition headphones are actually museum-quality works of art. But if the price puts you off, then you might want to consider getting the much more affordable standard Diamond Tears priced at only $300 a pair.