Modern And Luxurious Aloe Ridge House In South Africa

Located on the coast of Kwa Zulu Natal in South Africa, the Aloe Ridge House is a part of the Eden Rock Coastal Forest Estate, and it was built by a company called Metropole Architects. The residence is spacious, luxurious and beautifully decorated, and it is able to support a lavish lifestyle for its inhabitants.

Outside, the design includes large floor-to-ceiling windows as well as wooden shutters that filter the flow of natural light in order to ensure optimum thermal comfort. There is also a large wooden patio that features multiple relaxation areas, but we should also mention the large swimming pool that tempts with endless moments of entertainment and recreation.

The ground floor boasts a large living room and a fully equipped kitchen, both of which are connected to the aforementioned terrace thanks to a series of sliding glass doors. Amenities include flat screen TVs, a glass dining table for 6, spotlight-based lighting arrangements and air conditioning systems.

Encircled by trees and other forms of natural vegetation, the Aloe Ridge House benefits from staggering views of its environment, views that can be admired effortlessly from its upper floor.












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