Modern And High Quality E-Strap By Montblanc

It’s true that smartwatches are wristbands are getting more and more popular as the months go by, but this doesn’t mean that everyone is ready to give up on the unique feeling of having a mechanical timepiece around their wrists. In order to bridge the gap between old school mechanical timepieces and modern smartwatch technology, luxury watchmaker Montblanc introduces the e-Strap, which is designed for their own Timewalker Urban Speed Collection.

This optional gadget allows the user to benefit from regular “smart” notifications, activity tracking and music controls while still wearing a reliable mechanical wristwatch. The strap comes with a special 1,5-inch widget that features its own screen and notification system and can be connected to a smartphone via a simple app. The strap was made out of Florentine leather, while the widget was put together using a material named “diamond-like carbon”. As far as pricing goes, the timepiece itself costs between $3,319 and $5,675, while the strap can be purchased for about $300.



[Via – A-Blog-To-Watch]

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