Mitsubishi Shows off the Limited Edition Lancer311RS Evo X

Unveiled at the 40th Annual Twin Cities Auto Show (Minneapolis Auto Show), this sporty new Mitsubishi Lancer is quite something. It is a limited edition 311RS Evolution X developed by circuit racer Ryan Gates, who describes his creation as ideal for both road driving and track racing. The upgraded version includes AMS-sourced exhaust system, intercooler and intake; JRZ suspensions; Girodisc brakes; and high-performance Nitto tires around 18-inch Rays wheels.

The upgrades resulted in higher muscle figures: 353 HP and 359 lb-ft of torque. The more menacing character of the car was absolutely bound to be matched by a fresh new body kit. Consequently, the car features a new lip on the rear wing and an aggressive front air dam. And finally, a race-style blue and white color scheme perfectly completes the upgrade. Priced at $49,000, the 311RS will be produced in only 11 examples.

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