‘Miracle on Ice’ Gold Medal Sold For $310,000

The ‘Miracle on Ice’ Olympic Gold Medal presented in 1980 to the talented U.S. hockey player Mark Wells was sold for the unbelievable sum of $310,000. This exceeded anyone’s expectations as it was first estimated to sell for about $100,000.

The medal was part of a sports memorabilia auction in Dallas, Texas. A rancher  in the United States was the lucky bidder who got it, even though about 15 more collectors tried to put their hands on it too. One face of the medal shows a flaming torch and the words ‘XIII Olympic Winter Games’, while the other one sais ‘Lake Placid 1980’ and ‘Ice Hockey Mark Wells’ next to some evergreen tree twigs.

After Wells sold his prize to an anonymous collector, the medal found its way to the Heritage auction and now it finally found a new home. The ‘Miracle on Ice’ still has the original light blue and white ribbon.

Miracle on Ice Gold Medal Sold For $310,000

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