Mind Boggling $50 Million Diamond Heist in Brussels Airport

A movie-grade heist took place recently at the Brussels Airport in Belgium. It all happened incredibly fast, proving that the thieves were professionals and that they had been planning the action for a long time before actually doing it.

Eight individuals, all wearing masks, managed to finish the job in only 3 minutes and then escape in a couple of minutes more, not giving the police enough time to intervene. Approximately €37 million (about $50 million) worth of rough diamonds were stolen from a plane, but no guns were fired during the heist.

The thieves entered the airport with two vehicles through a fence and then fled the scene the same way. They took a 10 kilo (22 lbs) suitcase with them, thus abruptly interrupting its journey from Antwerp, Belgium to Zurich, Switzerland. The aircraft that was supposed to transport the cargo was a regular passenger plane, with 20 people onboard.



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