Michael Schumacher Sells His Custom Ferrari Enzo and FXX

Not exactly the type of person to get excited about garage sales? Well, we bet this one will get your attention and raise your interest! Formula 1 legend Michael Schumacher has decided to sell two beautiful gems from his garage, both of them custom made for him.

So if you are interested in purchasing the world’s only black Ferrari FXX or a unique version of the fabled Enzo, make sure you don’t miss this opportunity! The two supercars were created for the seven-time F1 world champion during his time with Ferrari and they are both highly personalized.

The sharply dressed FXX’s odometer reads only 900 km (559 miles), which can be explained by the fact that it is not a street-legal ride. It was featured in Top Gear in 2009, when its proud owner took it for a spin in front of the cameras at Dunsfold Aerodrome.

The beautiful Enzo boasts famous signatures under the hood (Luca di Montezemolo and others’), and even though it has been driven for 8,500 km (5,280 miles), it is an irresistible ride as well. We have to say, we find Schumacher’s decision to sell the two beauties that he got as gifts a little inappropriate, but then who are we to judge? Prices are approximately $1.47 million for the Enzo and $2.67 million for the FXX – could this be a good enough reason to sell a precious gift, or two?




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