Mercedes-Benz Teaser Photos of the New S-Class

Here is a set of teaser photos of the brand new Mercedes-Benz S-Class. Being a fresher version of the car and not a completely new model, the changes are not dramatic, however they are visible enough to make a difference. Exterior changes start with a higher grille, new bumper, modified headlights and brake lights, and some new design lines across the side of the car, following the car manufacturer’s new design philosophy for sedans.

The interior also received a couple of upgrades, such as the two large screens onto the instrument panel. Another noteworthy addition is the new Magic Side Control system which comes with two cameras that scan the road in order to adjust the suspensions accordingly. Multi-link rear suspensions and four-link front suspensions, that is.

Powering the new line will be several petrol, diesel and hybrid engines, thus responding to all client’s preferences. The transmission will very probably be nine-speed automatic. To top it all off, the German automaker will create a top-of-the-line AMG version in either V8 or V12 turbo petrol engines. Mercedes intends to offer two- and 4-door convertibles as well.