Men’s Clothing Trends for Spring/Summer 2021

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Fashions and trends move in cycles, with some staying in trend for a few years, and if you are a stylish guy who likes to be noticed, it is nice to stay abreast of the latest fashion. We are all hoping that the New Year will see the end of the global pandemic, and with next year in mind, here are a few men’s clothing trends that you will see in 2021.

  • Twin Button Blazer – This cool item is a must-have for those spring and summer social events, with pastel colours being prominent, with light greys and beiges also popular. When looking at men’s clothing online, it is easy to compare quality and prices, and if you shop early, you can find some amazing deals from the online supplier.
  • Black Leather Bomber Jacket – Most guys have one of these, which is not only warm, it fits almost every occasion, and while a leather jacket is a considerable investment, it will last for many years. Wearing your Aviators while riding your superbike gives you the edge, and with online prices, you can save enough to buy a decent pair of shades.
  • Crew Neck Cotton Tops – Simple, yet classy, order a couple of white numbers, and tight fitting will show off that six pack you’ve worked so hard to get. This can be worn with jeans or smart casual pants, and with a suitable jacket, this is perfect spring/summer wear.
  • Stretch Chinos – Much like this year, the smart man is wearing chinos, with stretch fabrics that offer both comfort and style, and dark colours go with the light tops and jackets you’ll be wearing. Keep things in your shoulder bag, as the sleek look is in, with no bulging phones or bulky wallets, clinging to your body. Here are some cool men’s fashion accessories for next year.
  • Loafers – Tassel loafers go great with your chinos, or smart, casual pants and are sure to feature at all the right events, and even when with your mates down the pub, loafers are the cool footwear at the moment, with tassels, of course. Leather and suede are in-vogue, with tassels and leather soles make for the perfect country gent look.
  • Patterned or White Socks – White socks fit the current sporty look, great for golf or an afternoon country walking, while square patterns in two-tone colours are in. Socks are more visible with the current pipe trouser trend, so invest in a range of quality socks, and when you remove your shoes, your socks are prominent.
  • Pleated Shorts – Bright colours that match the brand name polo shirt, pleated shorts, with or without turn-ups are ideal for hot weather. The smart thing to do is source all your garments from a single online men’s apparel store, where you will find the best garments at affordable prices, and your wardrobe will be delivered to your door.  Of course, you should know your rights as a UK consumer.

You can browse the online men’s clothing supplier and choose your spring/summer wear in a single shop, and you’ll look the part as we move out of the pandemic and return to some form of normality.

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