McLaren Unveils the Outstanding P1 Supercar

Got some $1.2 million to spare? We know what you can do wit it: contact McLaren and tell them you want to purchase their amazing P1 as soon as it rolls out of the factory. Only 500 units are scheduled for production, in a process that will reportedly begin later this year.

When the superb Voclano Orange car was unveiled in Beverly Hills, curious fans could only see its exterior, as the interior was kept hidden by black-tinted windows. Apparently, it will only be revealed at the 2013 Geneva Motor Show in spring. Consequently, we will only focus on the things that we do know about the car, and which include its performance, powertrain, lightweight materials, and a little more.

The production-ready McLaren P1 will feature lots of carbon fiber and some aluminum structures as well, plus a few titanium alloy elements for the exposed metal parts. All these sturdy yet lightweight materials have helped obtain an excellent curb weight of approximately only 2,866 lbs (or 1,300 kg).

Under the sporty and aggressive-looking hood there is a 3.8-liter V8 engine (like that of the MP4-12C), with an impressive output of about 800 hp. This will probably help the P1 become the new fastest production car on the Nürburgring, competing against the phenomenal Ferrari F150. Assisting the engine there is an F1-like KERS system, and an AWD transmission. Only 500 units will ever reach the production lines, so you should be ready to fight for your specimen if you really want it.