McLaren to Unveil the Racing-Inspired Interior of the P1

McLaren has finally released a couple of images showing the sporty yet classy interior of the production version P1. The car made its first debut last year in September, but back then its windows were so heavily tinted that no one could see what it was hiding inside. Now the automaker is ready to take off the veil and show all the details during the upcoming Geneva Motor Show.

Inspired by fierce yet lightweight racing cars, the McLaren P1 flaunts a lot of exposed carbon fiber and no unnecessary amenities. As you step inside through the car’s butterfly doors, you find a fixed seat for the driver weighing only 23 pounds, an Alcantara steering wheel, carbon waterfall center stack with navigation, reconfigurable digital gauge cluster, HVAC controls, and more. The driver’s seat is of course customized for every buyer. The whole interior is meant to look much like a fighter jet’s cockpit, boasting a panoramic roof and long windshield.




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