Maybach Accessories for Luxury Seekers

The automotive world is evolving, and now luxury car manufacturers are no longer limiting their products to outstanding vehicles. Matching watches, belts, luggage, ski gear, perfumes, and even yachts are just some of the many high-end creations that now come with high-end cars. Some of the brands that fit the profile are Bentley, Ferrari, Lamborghini, Rolls-Royce, Maybach, and many more.

Today we are talking about Maybach, even though the brand no longer exists as a car manufacturer. The last Maybach automobile was developed in December 2012, leaving fans broken hearted. So for those who can’t let go, this new range of luxury products might be an excellent way to transition to the new reality.

The collection includes a wide variety of accessories for men and women, all manufactured of fine leather, and boasting exquisite craftsmanship. Interested customers will find iPhone covers, business bags, classy belts, eyewear, key chains and even customized saddles. The leather used for these pieces is the same that the brand used to utilize for its cars interiors, and so are the carbon fiber elements that appear here and there on the products.