Maserati Is Working on a Small SUV called Levante

You may have heard about Fiat’s $1.6 billion investment in Maserati. Well, one of the things that the Italian automaker is going to do with that money is a new small but sturdy SUV, called Levante. The name of the concept has a quite an interesting origin: it is inspired by the street on which the Maserati brothers first dreamt of creating a car company. The street was Emilia Levante.

The new crossover is reportedly going to be represent serious competition for Porsche Macan and Audi Q5, but this will only happen sometime in 2015, when it is expected to finally hit the market. And if that’s not enough for you SUV fans out there, know that Maserati also plans to create an even more compact crossover in the years to come. Apparently this one – it doesn’t have a name yet – will compete against the Chinese Fiat Viaggio, the Dodge Dart, and Alfa Romeo Giulia, being based on the long-wheelbase Compact U.S. Wide platform from Fiat.