Marshmallows on Valentine’s Day!

Marshmallows on Valentine's Day!

Would you end a romantic Valentine’s Day restaurant dinner with marshmallows for dessert? Probably not, but believe us, you should! Levity Gourmet Marshmallows are the perfect argument: they are just as delicious as they look and for lovers’ day they come in two lovely new shapes and flavors.

What you see in the picture is the Sweet Cinnamon version of the ambrosial dessert. It is delicately decorated with candy hearts to better evoke couples’ love to each other. The Champagne version has a sprinkled sugar topping and a unique effervescent flavor of champagne.

This year try something different and forget about the classic chocolate hearts on Valentine’s. Impress your loved one with marshmallows.Marshmallows on Valentine's Day!