Map Camera Offers Awesome Nikon Kit with 20 Lenses: $82,700

For those truly passionate about photography, Map Camera from Japan has a very special offer. The camera shop has put together a massive Nikon kit worth $82,700. The price is definitely huge, but it is in fact a really good one for a generous kit like this.

The set includes a professional Nikon D4 camera and a whopping twentyNikkor N lenses. Apparently only six of the lenses would normally set you back some $60,000, so getting the whole package is definitely a good deal. The Japanese name for the set means “Nikon Chivalrous Nanocrystals Complete Set” in English according to Google Translate, which makes us hope that the original name makes a lot more sense than the translation.

So if you are on the look for a new professional photography kit, this one is definitely a great choice. It all depends on how much you are willing to invest in your biggest passion, because the deal itself is really good.