Making Home a Safe Haven

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In these troubled times what is uppermost in many people’s minds is safety and security and for some that means finding a new home. 

Looking for a luxury home

An online search for an upmarket home in an Asian country may light upon Sunway Samui luxury villas for sale and setting up home in what can rightly be described as a tropical paradise is certainly an attractive prospect. Having found a desirable property in the country of choice, thoughts then turn to how to set the home up to suit personal tastes and needs. These needs may be determined by circumstances beyond the limits of our control.

How much light is there at the end of the Covid tunnel?

As vaccination programs unroll and treatments for the current virus are developed, the need for maintaining an isolated existence is somewhat reduced, However, whether the vaccines will afford long-term protection is yet to be established and how effective they will be with mutated strains is also uncertain. A growing number of epidemiologists and other medical researchers are also warning that the current pandemic is unlikely to be the last and that periodic degrees of lockdown, whether imposed by the authorities or voluntary may become a feature of life in the current era.

A lockdown-friendly home

With this in mind it would make a lot of sense to consider how home can become a modern castle. In addition to the more obvious add-ons like a home gym, pool, and state-of-the-art entertainment suite, there are some smart appliances that can enhance one’s lifestyle, for example:

  • A smart fridge, microwave and range,
  • Smart lighting and climate control,
  • Smart plugs and sprinkler controls

The list goes on and on as a search for the internet of everything will reveal and while not an essential, a multi-purpose hub that enables you to control everything in a single app is a convenient luxury.

Creative use of the home’s outdoor areas

Outside the house there are the surroundings to consider. A westward facing deck of patio provides a perfect place for enjoying sundowners and can be fitted out to reflect the owner’s personality, be it minimalistic, ethnic, futuristic or whatever. If there’s space, a firepit or barbecue would be a great addition, as would swinging chairs, a hammock, a fishpond (an excellent way of preventing mosquitoes from breeding) and a blue-tooth sound system. 

Beyond the patio, the garden offers a range of creative options, including:

  • A tennis court or miniature golf (size allowing);
  • Fruit trees and/or vegetable patch,
  • A Japanese style rock installation or conventional rock garden,
  • A gazebo

This to mention but a few of the many ways in which a luxury home’s outdoor areas can be used to enrich the lives of its occupants.

Security matters

Security is likely to be an extremely important consideration, luxury homes being obvious targets for all manner of intruders and a self or professionally monitored integrated alarm installation, preferably a wireless one is a must. However, depending on where the property is located, for example a remote, isolated location, there may be a need for more than this. It is, in any event, worth considering hiring a security consultant with knowledge of the area; it is, after all, not just the valuables in the home that need to be considered. Of even greater importance is the safety of its occupants.

Health bulletins

The WHO publishes regional updates on Covid and other health issues. The SE Asian bulletins provide links to the region’s eleven member countries.

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