Madonna Laboris – The New Most Expensive Russian Painting

Bonhams has recently sold an extraordinary work of art, setting a new record in the world of Russian paintings. Created in 1931 by Nicholas Roerich (aka Nikolai KonstantinovichReriks), the exquisite painting is called Madonna Laboris, a rare piece that was once thought to be lost.
Art enthusiasts were extremely excited when the piece emerged in the US, as part of a private collection. It represents an important example of the artist’s passing obsession with Great Female Deities of the World.
The painting depicts Virgin Mary (Madonna Laboris) in Heaven, behind majestic walls. Interestingly, the artist chose to represent the heavenly scene in saturated tones of cerulean blues and turquoise. Touches of sea-foam greens and splashes of red make it more vivid and visually pleasing.
The beautiful work in which Virgin Mary is shown throwing her scarf to help poor souls reach Heaven was bought by an anonymous telephone bidder, who paid a whopping $12 million for it.




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