Luxury Sneakers by Adidas and Porsche Design

Upgrade your luxury shoe collection with a new pair of sport footwear born out of a recent collaboration between Adidas and Porsche Design. The two brands plan on creating a new line of luxury sport shoes called Adidas Porsche Design Sport.

The pair that you see here is part of the Adidas Porsche Bounce line, and it was designed to offer the best training experience possible. The sneakers feature built-in lever arms and metal springs for a special suspension system that increases propulsion during training. Since exercise involves a lot of heat, sweat, and oftentimes discomfort or pain, the makers of these awesome sneakers chose the best possible materials and fabrics to ensure ultimate comfort and coziness.

Lightness, coolness, dryness, elasticity and stability are all excellent features to enjoy during a strong workout, and these sneakers offer them all. The Bounce sneakers are priced at £200 ($130) a pair, but the Adidas Porsche Design Sport collection also includes many other models (for jogging, tennis, football, running, driving, golfing, and more), at prices that can reach £325 ($500).

Footwear, however, was not the only focus of this collaboration. Adidas and Porsche Design are also working together to develop high-end sports gear that include many items, from hoodies to cycling pants.



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