Luxury Olympica Speakers by Sonus Faber

Italian manufacturer of luxe audio systems Sonus Faber has launched a new line of elegant speakers called Olympica. Audiophiles with a taste for luxury will definitely appreciate the perfect combination of style and excellent sound quality that they boast. Inspired by the Renaissance era, more specifically by the works of Italian architect Andrea Palladio, the line will be developed in two phases.

The first one comes with three products, simply called Olympica I, Olympica II and Olympica III. They all feature carefully selected materials, such as walnut plates for the bottom and the top of each piece, clear maple joints, and fine leather. Olympica I being a bookshelf model, it also features a sleek anodized aluminum stand. Finishes are customizable, so that clients can make sure that the speakers will go well with the rest of their interior décor.

On the inside, the drivers make use of natural materials like cellulose for the midrange drivers and woofers, as well as silk-dome for the tweeters.

As mentioned before, the Olympica I is a two-way loudspeaker, while the other models are floor-standing ones. The Olympica II features a two-way design, and the Olympica III has a 4-way design. Their official launch took place at the Munich High End event.

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