Luxury Leather Golf Bags by Treccani Milano

Treccani Milano is an excellent representation of Italian luxury, as every single one of their products boasts exquisite craftsmanship and an impressive attention to detail. The brand has recently introduced a new line of products: high-end golf bags. They are made of ostrich or calf leather and are manufactured entirely by hand, over a three-month period.

This is a difficult process that requires a lot of dedication and experience. For the final result to be truly outstanding, Treccani Milano also adds 18-carat gold elements. Also, the Italian greyhound logo is available in solid bronze, silver and gold, with the last two being available at extra charge.

These are some of the most expensive golf bags in the world, priced between $9,500 and a whopping $38,000. The orange version is the least expensive, while the black alligator one is at the top of the list with the highest price in the range, and a matching travel case. If you are wondering about the ostrich leather bag, this one is placed somewhere between the two, costing $18,000.

For extra $1,650 to $18,000, buyers can opt for a series of customization services which allow them to have the golf bags matching their personal tastes, or the brand’s shoe collection.