Luxury Jewelry Trends For 2014

When it comes to inspiring a surge of luxury jewelry trends, it would seem that the Duchess of Cambridge is ahead of the queen.

The last few years has seen the art of luxury jewelry really flourish. Narrative and design have become so critical that the unimaginative black sapphire ring accentuated by white gold has become a thing of the past. High-end jewelry designers are now telling a story, creating a mood and incorporating signature styles. The latest nuance is the move from the casual story lines to the luxurious abstract.

That said, the recent shift in the demand of luxury jewelry has also been fueled by women who are buying high-end pieces for themselves with the desire to complement high-end outfits with luxurious accessories.
Luxury Jewelry Trends For 2014

Some jewelry pieces are pulling their luxury inspiration right from the ground. The following items are quickly gaining acclaim and causing a flashbulb frenzy in 2014:

Platinum jewelry

Platinum is enjoying a remarkable resurgence and is once again at the forefront of the luxury jewelry universe. The ‘king of metals’ adds a special allure to all earrings, necklaces, rings, nose pins, bracelets and pendants. As such ornaments are usually handcrafted, they are in demand.

The precious metal is most commonly used in rings that also come studded with diamonds. The sparkling brilliance of platinum is simply irresistible, while its non-allergic, non-corrosive and scratch resistance properties make it perfect for consumers looking for timeless luxury accessories.

Sapphire jewelry

Sapphire jewelry is quite glamorous with its beautiful and attractive color options. These attributes make it one of the most coveted jewelry options for all occasions, especially for black-tie and other formal events. In 2014, a variety of designs in real sapphire have incorporated enchanting hues of multiple colors to fascinate you completely.

Sapphire rings, bracelets, necklaces and other jewelry ensembles have been a leading choice among the royalty for many centuries, thanks to the everlasting brilliance and beauty of these precious gemstones. Though the stone has a rich and long history, their timelessness makes sure they never look outdated or go out of luxury style.

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Despite the name being sounding like a place where cowgirls strut their stuff, this shiny, silvery colored metal creates one of the world’s most valuable jewelry pieces. It is commonly found in plating and due to its hypoallergenic properties, it prevents gold from leaving a greenish tinge on the wearer’s skin.

Rhodium may also be electroplated over sterling silver to enhance the durability and resistance of the jewelry to tarnishing. And being a part of the platinum family, rhodium can be found in most key pieces and jewelry ensembles, including rings, bracelets, pendants and earrings.

White gold jewelry

White gold has become a popular alternative to silver and yellow gold. In the category of white gold jewelry, consumers can find a variety of styles and designs, which can be modern, traditional and vintage. This type of gold is also found in combination with other precious metals in luxury jewelry options such as platinum, silver and copper.

Though there are concerns pertaining to white gold jewelry such as the rhodium plating wearing off overtime to reveal the original color of the metal, consumers buying white gold jewelry can re-plate the rhodium to restore the whiteness, if required.

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