Luxury Is Subjective

Helen Schifter has been blogging and sharing her thoughts and insights about luxury for an extended period of time. Indeed, many consider luxury to be costly and something that is perhaps even unattainable for most segments of the population. Of course, given the way society and culture have continuously glorified money and expensive items, this is somewhat understandable.

But in some ways it’s almost a public service to communicate to society writ large that luxury is indeed attainable. It is not something that is beyond the pale cost-wise or otherwise. Everyday folks can indeed attain luxurious items and services and enjoy them.

What it truly boils down to, is the concept that luxury is subjective. To one person, luxury might mean getting a new car; while to another, it might just mean a trip once a week to the local Olive Garden. Accordingly, bloggers like Helen Schifter do have a point that should perhaps be embraced.

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