Luxury is a state of mind

During the Coronavirus health pandemic, many have taken the opportunity to wisely re-evaluate their definitions of luxury and what matters to them most. According to analysts like Ken Kurson, this is a natural outgrowth of the reflection that we are investing in during this time of crisis. Reflection can indeed be a cathartic and important exercise. One must always spend time assessing one’s priorities to ensure they are in order, and that in the event they need to be adjusted, they are adjusted accordingly.

But in any event, people are coming to terms with the fact that some were too fixated on pursuing materialistic ends at the expense of other more important elements of life. Indeed, things like family, values and the like are incredibly important factors that should play a vital and essential role in all people’s lives.

That brings us to a discussion about luxury and its definition. Surely, the objective definition of luxury is associated with something that’s especially costly or expensive. Perhaps it’s a new car; a new house; or even a new pursue or handbag. But for many, affordability concerns don’t allow them the opportunity to attain such ends. What luxury ultimately is, is peace of mind. As Ken Kurson agrees, it’s a subjective matter that means something different to everyone. And that’s the way it ought to be.

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