Luxury Hotels in Sydney Australia

Sydney, Australia is a great vacation destination. It’s scenic, full of great food, and there is no shortage of exciting things to do during your visit.

If you want to make the most of your Sydney vacation, try booking a luxury hotel to stay in. A luxury hotel will be the perfect place to go back to and relax after a busy day on the town.

If you are looking for luxury hotels in Sydney, Australia, here are a few we recommend.

3 Luxury Hotels in Sydney Australia

Park Hyatt Sydney: Offering terrific views of the Sydney Harbor and the Sydney Opera House, this hotel also has a rooftop pool, spa, and gym. The staff is there to see to your every whim and make sure your trip to Sydney is nothing less than exceptional.

The Langham, Sydney: The Langham offers the perfect combination of luxury and charm complete with an English country house feel and an extensive art collection. Centrally located, every room of the hotel has breathtaking views of the Western Harbor or Sydney skyline. Turn down service, an in-house pastry kitchen and an extensive pillow menu are also available.

Four Seasons Sydney: This Four Seasons sits right in the middle of all the action and provides views of the Sydney Harbor, the Bridge, and the House. It has a lavishly decorated lobby and a staff that is ready to help you plan out anything from jogging routes to weddings. It also offers fine dining and an upscale whisky bar.

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