Luxury for the Eco-Conscious at the Frégate Island Private

As a member of Virtuoso and Small Luxury Hotels of the World, the Frégate Island Private is a superb eco resort. You can find it in the Indian Ocean, in the Seychelles archipelago, as a wonderful proof of the fact that humans can live in harmony with nature, protecting and nurturing the spectacular environment that surrounds them.

Guests here enjoy a high level of pampering and the best possible services. The multi award-winning resort even offers delicious and healthy foods prepared with fresh eco produce from the local plantations. Luxury and eco-consciousness coexist in a perfect balance at Frégate.

For in-love couples, the island is an ideal romantic place. There is even a special ‘Bird’s Nest’ in the treetops for romantic escapes. This special lair was inspired by the 140 different species of rare tropical birds that live around the resort. The views are always amazing here, and the entire experience is simply unrivalled.

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