Luxury Accessories for Men by Jonathan Meizler

For men who feel that wearing a tie is no longer formal enough, Jonathan Meizler created a unique collection of accessories, adorned with precious gems. The collection is called “Title of Work” and it includes beautifully crafted neck ties, bow ties and cufflinks. Embellishing every piece are carefully placed black diamonds and Swarovski crystals.

The ties are made of fine Italian cashmere and delicately decorated with black or grey diamonds, making them worth $1,065. For those who prefer bow ties, the collection includes bows made of silk satin, priced at $800. The cufflinks are made of sterling silver and they show a skull and a gun. The eye of the skull is a small black diamond, raising the price of one pair to $1,125.

Customers can be sure that no two pieces are exactly the same, as they all differ in terms of gemstone patterns. The luxe collection will be soon found in select stores in US, Japan and Canada, but the products will also be available online.