Luxurious Signature Pure Chocolate Phone from Vertu

Signature Pure Chocolate. The name itself suggests that we are dealing with something very special and exclusive, but contrary to your expectations, it is not something meant to pamper your taste buds. It is actually the name of an exquisite mobile phone from Vertu.

Like all products bearing the British luxury phone manufacturer’s logo, this too is flawlessly designed and targeted to high-end consumers with sophisticated style. With a hefty price tag of $16,600, the handset has a stainless steel case with a chocolate brown PVD finish, sapphire crystal keys, a brown ceramic pillow, and soft leather back cover also in a matching shade of brown.

Customers will definitely love the precision-engineered key switches, the high-resolution display (also with sapphire crystal), the high-fidelity 11mm x 15mm loudspeaker with dual sound ports, and of course the Vertu exclusive alerts and ring tones performed by the London Symphony Orchestra. It kind of sounds like an infallible recipe for awesomeness, doesn’t it?