Luxurious Liberty DNA Watches by Romain Jerome

Luxury watchmaker Romain Jerome has already accustomed with different types of exotic DNA for its creations. A new remarkable addition to its high-end collections is the Liberty DNA timepiece, created as a celebration of the Statue of Liberty’s 125th anniversary.

The statue underwent a centenarian restoration, during which process fragments of it were removed. Some of these fragments have reached RJ’s workshops, and were incorporated in the new Liberty DNA watch. Evoking the legendary statue, the timepiece features a bronze bezel with 12 spikes and even a verdigris dial that mimics the oxidized copper of the statue.

For the case-back RJ used a medallion reminding of the flame of liberty, and several stripes like the ones found on the American flag. The hands have a classy bronze tone, and the strap is made of vintage brown alligator leather to match the color scheme. RJ will only create 125 units, and they will all change colors in time to mimic the Statue of Liberty. Price is $14,900 for each unit.

Luxurious Liberty DNA Watches by Romain Jerome (1)


Luxurious Liberty DNA Watches by Romain Jerome (2)


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