Luxurious Japanese Cruise Train To Arrive In 2017

During the old days, when trains represented one of the world’s most popular means of transportation, train cars were elegantly designed and many of them featured luxurious accommodations. Nowadays, with so many other transportation options at our disposal, many of us choose to avoid trains altogether, but things would be completely different if all of them were as incredible as the upcoming Japanese Cruise Train.

Set to be completed in 2017, this unique train is being created by a railway company called JR East at a staggering cost of $50 million. As you might expect, the result is expected to be a fine example of luxury and good taste, especially since one of the project’s designers is none other than Ken Okuyama from Ferrari. The designer is responsible for penning down a remarkable luxe suite for this stunning train. The suite would have 2 rooms in total, out of which one would feature 2 stories, 2 beds and special Japanese tatami mats. The train would be able to house 34 passengers at once and would flaunt 10 cars, including a special lounging car, a dining car and 2 cars with glass walls that would provide breathtaking panoramas of the surrounding scenery.

As far as power is concerned, the Cruise Train was designed to operate on electric rails, but it could also run just fine on non-electric ones thanks to a highly efficient adaptable EDC system.







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