Luxurious iPad Docking Station from Strut

The Strut Launchport System is a new luxurious docking station for iPads, created by a company that until recently was only manufacturing automobile wheels and accessories, and collectible jewels, all in the luxury niche. The brand’s debut in the mobile computing industry is really impressive, as the photos below reveal.

This luxe iPad docking station features a protective case that will soon be available in different finishes, including carbon fiber, walnut burl, leopard prints, and sparkle pink. The case is made of stainless steel and triple coated chrome, so there is a lot of strength and protection going on between that pretty exterior.

The price of this remarkable new gadget is $1,250, of which $1,000 represents the value of the dock itself, and the rest is the cost of the case. With its perfectly calculated angle, the Strut Launchport System will can even be used in a car, making it more versatile and that more appealing for luxury addicts.

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