Luxurious Hotel Mystique on Santorini Island, Greece

If you love sunsets by the sea, delicious Mediterranean foods, uninterrupted tranquility, flawless services and luxury accommodations, you are already an excellent candidate for the position of lifetime fan of Hotel Mystique in Santorini, Greece.

This plush resort is seamlessly integrated into the hillside overlooking the Aegean Sea, which ensures absolutely mind-blowing views all day long. Only 10 minutes away by foot from a small town called Oia, Mystique ensures easy access to a rich cultural center, jewelry shops, handicrafts, souvenirs, and art galleries. Reaching this wonderful retreat is easy, as guests are transported in a Mercedes from the Santorini Airport, and the ride takes only 30 minutes.

Luxury suites await their guest with lovely interiors and comfortable furnishings, but their best feature are the patios that face the sea, and which are ideal for massage sessions and even private dining. For a complete luxury experience, you are invited to enjoy the hotel’s infinity pool, the Charisma Gourmet Restaurant, the Secret Wine Cave, and maybe even a catamaran tour of the caldera.

Also, Mystique and the nearby Vedema Resort are collaborating to ensure a memorable experience to their guests. This means that during your vacation at the Mystique Hotel, you can also enjoy various facilities at the Vedema Resort, as well as the beach on the far side of the vast island. If it all sounds dreamy to you, it is only because it all really is dreamy here.

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