Luxurious goldRush Rally Car Wax by Mitchell and King

Luxury cars must be treated with love, respect, and expensive products. You can’t take a Porsche or a Lamborghini to just any car wash – it would mean you don’t really acknowledge its value. You need to use top-notch cleaning and polishing products, and for that we recommend Mitchell and King, a top-of-the-line British luxury car-care company.

Among their maintenance products there is a very special one named goldRush Rally(TM) Wax, with a unique formula that can make any car glow. It ensures a glamorous gold shimmer that will make your ride totally irresistible to onlookers. The special edition product is presented in a24k gold plated enclosure and retails for a staggering £65,000 (about $97,000) with worldwide delivery. Interestingly enough, the company may refuse to sell the product if they decide they don’t really like the buyer.

As their webpage informs, Mitchell and King considers that the product is exceptional enough for them to “reserve the right to refuse purchase”. A bit intimidating, isn’t it? Well, since the company produces highly exclusive blends for automotive giants such as Lamborghini, Venturi, Aston Martin, Porsche, and others like them, it’s only natural that they won’t accept just anybody into their luxe circle of customers.

The entire goldRush Raly Collection includes the aforementioned wax, plus a 100 ml of GRV Scent and 250 ml of GRV Shampoo.