Luxurious Eco-Hotel Built Underground

How about some green luxury accommodation underground? Hotel and resort architects RearsdonSmith and Hersham Golf Club have thought of exactly that an now they have a perfectly viable plan for a luxury underground hotel in London’s Green Belt.

The computer renderings of the hotel are simply breathtaking and we’re sure many would love to have the chance of spending a few lavish days in such a beautiful nature-friendly building. The plan shows three subterranean ‘rings’ of guestrooms (over 200 in all) each built around its own interior courtyard and garden measuring  800 square meters (or 8,611 square feet). This design allows for a lot of natural light to fill the rooms, thus reducing the need for artificial lighting.

The only things that you will find above the on-site golf course are the restaurants, the reception and the club house. But these too will feature lovely grass roofs for a more natural look. Sustainable solutions such as water collection systems and gray water recycling systems are also part of the project.