Luxurious Child Seat Concept By Volvo

Featuring a similar design to Volvo’s Lounge Console that was unveiled not too long ago during the Shanghai International Auto Show, the Volvo Child Seat concept aims to redefine the way children travel in personal cars. The concept replaces the front passenger seat with a special baby seat, which is apparently much safer when compared to conventional baby seats.

Luxurious Child Seat Concept By Volvo (1)

Luxurious Child Seat Concept By Volvo (2)

Luxurious Child Seat Concept By Volvo (3)

Volvo’s experts concluded that conventional safety seats are not exactly safe after all, as they pose a great risk of accident-related injuries while facing towards the front of the car. That’s because infants lack neck strength and have large heads when compared to the rest of their bodies. The Volvo concept has the back seat passengers and the baby facing one another, and its seat can be rotated towards the door for extra convenience. Extra storage compartments underneath can be used for bottles, blankets or diapers.

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