Luxurious Banyan Tree Ungasan in Bali, Thailand

For a little exotic relaxation and stunning views of the Indian Ocean, Thailand is always an excellent choice. One of the best resorts here is the lavish Banyan Tree Ungasan in Bali, set on a cliff above the azure waters.

Combining traditional and rustic design with contemporary features, this is a place of serenity and peace, close to lovely sand beaches and surrounded by a lush tropical vegetation. The resort bears local influences, as it is inspired by the typical Balinese villages, but there is nothing outdated about this hotel.This was copied from

On the contrary, there are numerous high-end facilities to enjoy at the Banyan Tree Ungasan, including private pools, fully equipped fitness area, a luxe spa center with traditional Asian therapies, and several fine restaurants that serve exquisite dishes every day.


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