Luxe Sparkling Hill Resort and Wellness Hotel

Sparkling Hill Resort and Wellness Hotel is a priceless gem in Okanagan Valley, Canada. Set in a perfect environment near Lake Okanagan and the Monashee Mountains, it offers breathtaking views too all its guests through large floor-to-ceiling windows. After a smooth check-in, you will be directed to your tastefully appointed room, where you can start planning a memorable vacation.

One of the most exciting things to do here is to spend some time in the cold spa, where a specially designed sauna room awaits you with incredibly low temperatures of -110°C (-166°). Here you are invited to spend as much as 3 minutes in a perfectly safe environment for a really unique health treatment (cryotherapy) – the first of its kind in North America.

Other activities include golfing, fishing, trailing, and more. This is a place where boredom has no room, with plenty of different opportunities for you to have a great time. Accommodation-wise, things are also really impressive, with spacious rooms, large and cozy beds, and luxe bathrooms with walk-thru showers and crystal tubs for two. For a little extra glamour, the lovely fireplaces are decorated with glittering Swarovski crystal elements.

And since this is a wellness hotel, food plays a very important role in the entire experience. This is why you will be impressed by the varied and delicious foods that you will be pampered with on a daily basis.