Luxe Romeo and Juliet Fountain Pens for Heartfelt Love Letters

Love letters are always more romantic if written on paper. And for an even more magical romance, it must be written with a very special fountain pen, one that evokes the times when lovers used quills to put down in words what they felt for each other.

For such letters exactly Italian pen manufacturer Delta created a special new collection called Romeo and Juliet. Inspired by the legendary Shakespearian story, Delta underlines the fact that no one can put a price on true love, by manufacturing 25 beautiful and luxurious writing instruments. They are all hand painted in solid gold and celluloid, and then further embellished with mother-of-pearl inserts.

All this, however, does not explain the prohibitively high price of $22,600 per piece. There must be more to this collection than a little gold and beautiful paintings. And there really is: not only is the top end cap made of solid 18k gold, it is also decorated with 25 brilliant-cut diamonds, weighing a total of 0.075 carats. Also, the bottom of the painting features a 18k gold ring decorated with another 25 diamonds totaling 0.2 carats. Wouldn’t a luxury pen like this make you feel like writing a truly romantic letter?

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