Luxe Hublot Inspiration Headphones by Monster

Ever thought what a top-notch set of headphones would become if someone added a little precision watchmaking craftsmanship to the recipe? Well, here you have the answer: the awesome Hublot Inspiration luxury headphones by Monster. They were only recently launched at Baselworld 2013, where they made quite an impression.

The two world-famous luxury goods manufacturers have done an excellent job together, driven by a shared passion for advanced performance, materials and design. Lovers of music and excellence will definitely love the noise cancelling headphones and the exquisite “music listening and lifestyle experience” that they offer.

With a fine combination of authentic leather, comfortable premium rubber headband, carbon fiber earcups, and a classy brushed aluminum finish, the Hublot Inspiration headphones are stylish, lightweight, and a pleasure to wear. Boasting high performance and crystal-clear sound, these are new must-haves for all luxury gadget enthusiasts.




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