Louboutin Christmas Tree by Studio XAG

Red is a very Christmassy color, so London-based Studio XAG found it just fitting to use it extensively in its holiday decoration for Christian Louboutin. Inspired by the immaculate white of the snow and the iconic red of Louboutin soles, the designer came up with an imaginative way to decorate the French designer’s boutique windows: with a red-and-white Christmas tree made of shoes.

The “branches” of the tree are made of metal and adorned with shoe-shaped decorations, placed with the glossy red soles outwards. This imaginative design repeats itself over several concentric circular levels, thus creating a stylized shape of a tree. Instead of the classic star at the top, Studio XAG placed a superb glittering shoe on the highest level of the cone.

Each Louboutin Christmas tree is completely rotatable, and is surrounded by mirrors panels that magically reflect its shape. This allows onlookers to fully appreciate the beauty of the shoe-star, which becomes visible from all key angles.