Have A Look At The Awesome Shinola Bookshelf Speakers!

Awesome Shinola Bookshelf Speakers 1

Even though Shinola originally started out by manufacturing bicycles and watches, the Detroit-based company has managed to expand its portfolio, and its latest product is a fantastic pair of bookshelf speakers. The Shinola Bookshelf Speakers were created entirely by hand by Alex Rosson and the Shinola Audio team, and their hard work yielded something truly spectacular both aesthetically and performance-wise.

Awesome Shinola Bookshelf Speakers 1 Awesome Shinola Bookshelf Speakers 2

Apart from the warm mids, powerful lows and accurate highs, the speakers also impress with two colorways in black or natural wood. Considering their minimalistic appearance and irreproachable sound quality, these speakers would definitely represent an ideal choice for any modern audiophile.

Awesome Shinola Bookshelf Speakers 3 Awesome Shinola Bookshelf Speakers 4 Awesome Shinola Bookshelf Speakers 6

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