London West Hollywood Offers Free Mustang Rides

Get Topless in L.A. and enjoy free rides in a Mustang! Now that we’ve caught your attention, let us explain ourselves. “Topless in L.A.” is the name of a special package that London West Hollywood is now offering to its guests. The deal includes free breakfast at Boxwood Café Breakfast Table and – the best part – free rides in a beautiful mustang. Yes, the luxurious hotel will give its high-end guests a Mustang to drive while they enjoy their generous package.London West Hollywood Offers Free Mustang Rides



To get this great deal and be allowed to drive the car, you have to be at least 25 years old. The luxe hotel does not cover your parking fees and you will not be allowed to use the car for more than 150 miles per day. However, the Mustang is allowed to take you absolutely anywhere as long as you respect the distance limit. The offer will be available between September 1 and October 31, so you’d better move fast and book your suite at London West Hollywood!

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