Live A Few Lavish Days In The Palazzo Magnani Feroni

So you’re planning to go to Europe for a few days. We’re sure you know all the important sights of London, Rome or Venice. But take a minute to read about something else. Florence, Italy is one of the cities where the aristocrats used to gather and have their high class balls. A perfect spot for this was the Palazzo Magnani Feroni …and it still is!

Yes, if you want to enjoy living like the 16th century noblemen for a few days, you can do so at the luxurious Renaissance palace in Florence. Almost everything has been perfectly preserved in order too keep the vintage atmosphere intact. Extreme luxury is all over the place and you feel like living among precious historical artifacts.

For 800 Euros you get the opportunity of living in one of the palace’s luxury suits where original frescoes ornate the old walls. Five hundred years old wooden statues, ceilings and Murano chandeliers are there to try and make you believe you went back in time. Even the palace entrance has a wrought iron gate which bears the original Feroni coat of arms.

Live A Few Lavish Days In The Palazzo Magnani FeroniLive A Few Lavish Days In The Palazzo Magnani Feroni

Luxury, comfort, elegance, art and history – you find them all the Palazzo Magnani Feroni in Florence, Italy.

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