Limited Edition XR Whisky by Crown Royal

Crown Royal is one of the most appreciated whisky brands in Canada, and the XR (Extra Rare) blend is the newest addition to the Extra Rare Whisky Series. Having its origins in the LaSalle distillery, the fine liquor is kept in luxe bottles that still owns the old charm of the original Crown Royal bottles.

This is obviously a limited edition series of luxury whisky, and it comes with a royal blue velvet bag which emphasizes the luxe character of the liquor. The bottle also features a faceted glass stopper to keep the precious aroma safe inside. Speaking of which, the special blend is a mix of perfectly balanced aromas, such as dried fruit, honey, vanilla, caramel, aged oak, and Canadian rye.

Talking about their latest exquisite product, the company’s Master Blender, Andrew MacKay said: “LaSalle holds a historic place in the whisky world and is incredibly special to me, because it’s where I first learned about creating memorable blends. To be able to incorporate these Extra Rare LaSalle whiskies into the new Crown Royal XR is an honor.”



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