Limited Edition Omega Speedmaster Moonwatch Apollo XVII

Limited Edition Omega Speedmaster Moonwatch Apollo XVII (2)

Omega has launched yet another stunning timepiece dedicated to the historic moon landing that happened in 1972. It is a brand new addition to the Speedmaster Moonwatch series, and it’s called Omega Speedmaster Moonwatch Apollo XVII.

It has been four decades since a human has last set foot on the surface of the Moon, and this watch here is meant to celebrate exactly that memorable event. The privileged astronaut who visited Earth’s natural satellite back in 1972 was Eugene Cernan, who is also one of the watchmaker’s ambassadors today. The watch is a limited edition creation, and only 1972 pieces will ever be manufactured.

Some design elements have been kept unmodified, such as the markers and hands, which are the same as the other models’ in the series. The dial, however, is unique, boasting an engraving of the Apollo XVII mission patch in sterling silver. Inside the 42mm stainless steel case there is a caliber 1861 manually wound chronograph movement, just like in the watches that were worn by astronauts on the moon.