Limited Edition Lamborghini AV-L001 Watches

Limited Edition Lamborghini AV-L001 Watches (4)

When it comes to finding a source of inspiration, classic cars may be a good place to start. During the past years, yachts, key chains or watches have been created, inspired by the essence of cars. Adriano Valente, a well known watchmaker, took a shot in creating a limited edition of timepieces called the AV-L001. Using the design and colors of Lamborghini cars, these assets would be appropriate for the drivers of these speed monsters.

The timepiece comes in 6 colors: Green Icaria (bright green), Bianco Ophian (white), Grigio Menoetius (slate gray), Rosso Eos (bright red), Giallo Hyperion (bright yellow) and Nero Tartarus (Karbonyte color). It is made of Grade 5 Titanium, Aluminum and an alloy using carbon fiber element, called Karbonyte.

The dial is shaped as a speedometer, showing the date at the top of it and the power reserve at the 4 o’clock slot. The watch works with a mechanical 001 Engine, which was specially made for the company. An anti-reflexive, scratch resistant crystal cover protects the timepiece.

These ‘jewels’ will be produced in limited edition, each for $35,100. A fair price for a Lamborghini watch don’t you think?